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Farmers Weekly Reader Recipes

What are the recipes being prepared in farmhouse kitchens in 2011? What are the dishes that get requested at every family get-together? And what never fails to get the kids running for the kitchen table? We want you to dig out your favourite recipes and share them with other Farmers Weekly readers.


It might be a family favourite that has been handed down the generations, a dish that you’ve concocted yourself from scratch, or a well-known classic that you’ve tweaked over the years to call your own. Perhaps it’s scribbled on a scrap of paper in the kitchen drawer, jotted in the margin of a favourite cookery book, or maybe you’ve prepared it so many times over many years it’s not even written down – just permanently committed to memory.


Fill out the form below to tell us about it. The Farmlife team will pick their favourites and print them periodically in the magazine and online.