Thursday 2 October, 2014



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New mill-and-mix machines embrace technology

Mill-and-mix machines used to be dusty, noisy things that required ear defenders and masks to even go near.

Posted: 01 October 2014 | Full Article
Double cutterbar combine can boost outputs by 15%

An unusual double-cutterbar combine header being used by a Midlands farmer is claimed to be able to boost harvester output by up to 15%. Nick Fone explains how.

Posted: 01 October 2014 | Full Article
Latest Volkswagen Touareg 4x4 drinks less fuel

Volkswagen’s Touareg is one of the more affordable premium SUVs on the market. Oliver Mark headed to the Fatherland to try out its latest incarnation.

Posted: 01 October 2014 | Full Article
Hedgecutter updates that cut neckache

Hedgecutters have evolved a lot in recent years, and there’s less chance of neckache with the forward reach models.

Posted: 30 September 2014 | Full Article
Software helps farm contractors get on top of costings

As a contractor, getting costings right is crucial to your business. But this task can be daunting and many are put off. Emily Padfield looks at a software system that could make it easier.

Posted: 30 September 2014 | Full Article
What's in your shed? Northumberland contractor shows us around

The latest in our series snooping around readers' farm machinery sheds takes us to Northumberland. Oliver Mark visitsPaul Frater, who farms with his father Stoker and uncle William.

Posted: 29 September 2014 | Full Article
Kubota builds its biggest tractor yet - photos

Could Kubota be a real contender in the high-horsepower tractor market? James Andrews takes a look at the maker’s latest 170hp offering

Posted: 29 September 2014 | Full Article
Vicon updates its round balers

A fresh netwrap system, better serviceability, new software and more modern styling all help update Vicon’s latest round baler, explains Jane Carley

Posted: 28 September 2014 | Full Article
Michelin's tyres get faster, wider and bigger

If you want to see tyres in all their glorious complexity, Clermont-Ferrand is the place to be.

Posted: 26 September 2014 | Full Article
Video: John Deere e23 tractor v Autopowr

John Deere’s high-horsepower tractors have been hankering after a new powershift transmission for years and at last it’s here. Nick Fone and Oliver Mark find out if it is any good by pitting it against its stepless cousin.

Posted: 25 September 2014 | Full Article
How telematics is changing the way we farm

Operating efficiency, performance, service scheduling, problem-solving and security are all in focus as remote combine and tractor monitoring steps up a gear. Peter Hill reports.

Posted: 24 September 2014 | Full Article
Combine harvesters - model changes for 2015

In the market for a new combine? Peter Hill looks at what's available for next year's harvest.

Posted: 24 September 2014 | Full Article
Turn your farm 4x4 into a snowplough

Snowploughs can be cumbersome bits of kit, but this one imported by Reading firm Kersten is light enough to hang off the front of Land Rover or pickup.

Posted: 23 September 2014 | Full Article
Rare MF tractor fetches £24,000 at auction

A rare 1979 Massey Ferguson 1250 tractor fetched £24,000 at a Cheffins machinery auction in Suffolk this week.

Posted: 21 September 2014 | Full Article
Emily straw spreader uses triple walking floor

French maker Emily is the latest firm to offer a telehandler-mounted straw shredder/bedder.

Posted: 20 September 2014 | Full Article
Twose offers a variable forward-reach hedger

Twose has entered the variable forward-reach arm market with a new 5.4m model that claims to deliver greater comfort and visibility.

Posted: 19 September 2014 | Full Article
Fullwood cow weigher is a walkover

Fullwood has launched a walkover weighing system that lets you monitor the weight of individual cows. It could improve herd management and give early identification of developing health issues, says the company.

Posted: 18 September 2014 | Full Article
New tool to trace your stolen chainsaw

New machinery sales might ebb and flow, but you can always be sure of a healthy black market for small farm and forestry equipment, particularly when the winter nights draw in.

Posted: 18 September 2014 | Full Article
Shelbourne gives header trailers 4-wheel-steer

Suffolk manufacturer Shelbourne Reynolds has introduced three all-wheel-steer header trailers aimed at farmers and contractors struggling to get through tight field entrances.

Posted: 17 September 2014 | Full Article
Deere Sampo combines on sale for 2015

John Deere will be offering Finnish-made Sampo Rosenlew combines for the UK 2015 harvest following a deal struck between the two companies last year.

Posted: 17 September 2014 | Full Article

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