Thursday 23 October, 2014



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Driver's view: Manitou MLT 731 telehandler

Considering buying a used sub-£30,000 telehandler? James Andrews visits a seasoned punter to see if Manitou should make your shortlist.

Posted: 22 October 2014 | Full Article
Photos: John Deere revamps 6R and 9R tractors

John Deere has been busy adding a few upgrades to its tractors, balers and sprayers. James Andrews reports.

Posted: 20 October 2014 | Full Article
Trailed beet harvesters fight back

Norfolk contractor SC & GM Savory has just bought a new trailed beet harvester - a type of machine that isn’t much seen on UK fields these days.

Posted: 19 October 2014 | Full Article
Tractor-mounted bale carrier cuts haulage time

Hauling bales by trailer is all well and good, but when labour is scarce and hauls relatively short it can be quicker and easier to simply spike and carry them from field to store.

Posted: 18 October 2014 | Full Article
Tractor sales rise, despite poor crop prices

Crop prices may be as close to the floor as a belly dancer’s navel, but UK tractor registrations in the first nine months of the year are looking surprisingly perky.

Posted: 17 October 2014 | Full Article
Tractor speed limits to rise to 25mph from spring

The maximum speed limit for conventional tractors will rise by 5mph to 25mph (40kph) from March, the government has announced.

Posted: 17 October 2014 | Full Article
FW 80th birthday: Future of farm mechanisation

What will tractors and other farm machinery look like in 2050? David Cousins has a not-too-serious guess at what we all might be using in the future.

Posted: 17 October 2014 | Full Article
New Holland recaptures harvest world record

New Holland has had confirmation it has reclaimed the world record for the most wheat harvested within eight hours.

Posted: 16 October 2014 | Full Article
How to buy a second-hand Land Rover Defender

With production of the Land Rover Defender due to cease in just over a year, used car values are hitting new heights. Oliver Mark runs through what to look out for when buying a second-hand workhorse with the help of Land Rover specialist Shaun Goring.

Posted: 15 October 2014 | Full Article
Video: JCB Fastrac 4000 gets first test

JCB’s all-new Fastrac is finally here. It’s good, but is it good enough to grab sales from other marques? Nick Fone finds out.

Posted: 15 October 2014 | Full Article
Fifth title for National Ploughing Championship winner

Taking the top awards at this year’s British National Ploughing Championships were Peter Alderslade for the reversible and David Chappell for the conventional plough.

Posted: 14 October 2014 | Full Article
Find your perfect pickup with our truck guide

Chromed alloy wheels? Leather seats with electric adjustment? Pickup drivers have never had it so good. Peter Hill looks at what’s available.

Posted: 13 October 2014 | Full Article
Driver's view: JCB Fastrac 4000

One prototype Fastrac has racked up almost 500 hours in just a couple of months on a farm near Ely. Nick Fone finds out how it has performed on the road and in the field.

Posted: 12 October 2014 | Full Article
Quirky County Forward Control up for sale

Silsoe’s curious-looking test machines were once at the cutting edge of agricultural progress. James Andrews visits a 1970’s example that’s currently up for grabs.

Posted: 11 October 2014 | Full Article
Landquip shows updated trailed sprayers

Suffolk firm Landquip of InTrac has launched two steering-axle trailed sprayers in 5,200- and 6,000-litre capacities.

Posted: 10 October 2014 | Full Article
Gehl launches new skidsteers

Gehl’s latest R Series skidsteer loaders include the R190, the R220 and the R260. They have Yanmar engines and can be fitted with counterweights to increase rated operating capacity from 957kg on the R190 to 1,261kg on the R260.

Posted: 09 October 2014 | Full Article
What's in your shed? A US farmer opens his barn doors

Texan farmer Aaron DeBerry opens his doors to reveal the contents of his shed.

Posted: 09 October 2014 | Full Article
Amazone sets world crop spraying record

German maker Amazone says it has set the world record for crop spraying at Golzow near Brandenburg, Germany.

Posted: 08 October 2014 | Full Article
Polaris Ranger gets better cab and new engine

[Standfirst] Polaris has introduced a new engine, cab frame and plenty of other features to its Ranger Diesel model. Emily Padfield tested it on farm

Posted: 07 October 2014 | Full Article
Telehandler-mounted slurry stirrer gets into awkward spots

Lancashire slurry kit maker Storth has introduced a handy telehandler-mounted stirrer that can get into spots where tractor-powered ones struggle.

Posted: 07 October 2014 | Full Article

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