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We are in the process of making some changes to our website, which we are excited to be revealing soon. As part of these changes, the learning content provided by the Farmers Weekly Academy will soon be moved to the main site. If you have any queries please email farmers.weekly@rbi.co.uk.

About us

A way to grow your knowledge and career prospects
The Farmers Weekly Academy is a dedicated online learning site available to everyone involved in the farming industry: from students to farmworkers, farmers to farm managers, advisors to consultants, as well as members of the trade.
The Farmers Academy will allow you to:

  • Expand your knowledge and skills through advice from independent experts from across the agricultural industry
  • Record your technical knowledge and expertise on essential agricultural subjects, allowing you to create a profile that demonstrates your learning and skills
  • Earn CPD points with registered professional development accreditation bodies including Basis, NRoSO, Facts and DairyPro
  • Download a certificate proofing your knowledge and learning

Successful farmers never stop learning
Through easily accessible expert knowledge and training Farmers Weekly wants to help farmers become more productive, more efficient and make learning an activity of self-fulfilment rather than a chore.
The Farmers Academy is designed to meet the needs of those farmers with an appetite for practical information and advice that will help them improve the way they do business or progress in their career.
Specifically the Farmers Academy aims to support the following:

  • Knowledge Transfer: through a custom-built website that hosts information written by national experts on key technical, business and environmental issues
  • Professional farmers: through backing industry’ CPD schemes and making learning and development more of a priority for farmers
  • Efficiency: through using a simple, easy to use online platform that makes it quicker and easier for farmers to learn about technical subject areas

Looking for your next career move?
Then why not visit Farmers Weekly Jobs for the latest farming and agricultural vacancies as well as tools and alerts to make your job search easy and hassle-free. Plus, expert careers advice to help you in the next steps of your career.