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Arable nitrogen

Yara is the leading fertiliser company developing site-specific nitrogen recommendations for arable farmers.
“In this climate of high crop and input prices, never has attention to detail been more important to minimize the cost/unit of production and maximize the return from your investment in fertiliser.”
Key to achieving this is maximising the return from every kilo of nitrogen applied by following agronomically sound, site -specific recommendations.
Yara has developed products and a range of recommendation tools to meet these needs. Yara N-Plan is a web based computer program which models soil type, previous cropping, and the cost of fertiliser and grain prices, with winter rainfall to produce a field specific economic optimum nitrogen recommendation for arable crops – free access on the Yara web site.
The starting point for any nutrient management plan should be soil sampling, to assess the soil nutrient status before further applications are made.
Lancrop Laboratories offer a full range of analyses for both soil and tissue samples ranging from basic P, K, Mg and pH to the broad spectrum, including the trace elements.
For more information on nitrogen management or any other aspect of crop nutrition contact: agronomy.uk@yara.com or visit www.yara.co.uk/crop-nutrition



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