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Yara is the leading fertiliser company developing site-specific, balanced nutrient recommendations for grassland farmers.
“In this climate of high feed costs and input prices, never has attention to detail in managing grass production been more important to minimize the cost/unit of dry matter production and maximise the return from your investment in fertiliser .”
Grass is widely recognized as the most cost effective feed for livestock production systems, both for maximising production during the grazing season, as well as for high productivity during the housed winter period.
The grass yield and quality will be directly affected by the fertiliser program applied. The amount of nutrient required is affected by a number of factors including the intensity of stocking, soil type, rainfall and organic manure usage.
It is for this reason that Yara has developed the Yara Nutrient Management Planner to enable tailored crop nutrient programs that will deliver high yields of quality forage.
The output from the Nutrient Management Plan will be an optimal, nutrient balanced, crop specific fertiliser recommendation.
For more information on grassland nutrition or any other aspect of crop nutrition contact: agronomy.uk@yara.com or visit www.yara.co.uk/grassland.



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