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Micronutrients for arable crops

Yara is the leading fertiliser company supplying the full range of micronutrients for arable crops.
“Plants need the correct balance of macro- and micronutrients for healthy growth and relatively small amounts can have a huge impact on yield and quality.”
YaraVita micronutrients are developed specifically to supply crops additional micronutrients – boron, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, sulphur and zinc, as well as the macro nutrients – nitrogen, phosphate and potash, as both single nutrient and multi nutrient formulations.
All YaraVita products are formulated from the very beginning for use in agriculture or horticulture and are designed to be applied as foliar sprays or in some cases as seed treatments.
They supply micronutrients either as straight products or combi- mixtures as well as formulations that back up supplies of major or secondary nutrients during periods when they are unavailable from other sources.
YaraVita foliar micronutrients are developed to target the leaf or fruit and to deliver a specific nutrient or nutrient mix exactly when and where the crop needs it, boosting crop performance by overcoming deficiencies.
YaraVita micronutrient products are all formulated to be tank mixed with other liquid fertilisers and other crop protection products; they can generally be tank mixed with most other products and this can be rapidly checked using the online database at Tankmix.com or using the smartphone app Yara TankmixIT.
Yara CheckIT is an agricultural smartphone app that helps you to identify nutrient deficiencies in a whole range of crops with a photographic library of the deficiency symptoms to allow a simple and fast identification of possible nutrient deficiencies.
For more information on micronutrients or any other aspect of crop nutrition contact: agronomy.uk@yara.com or visit www.yara.co.uk/yaravita



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