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TDS: because size matters

Contrary to popular belief not all slug pellets are the same. They might claim to do a similar task and offer comparable levels of performance, but in reality there is as much difference between pellets as there is between a two-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive tractor. In easy conditions the disparity is less evident, but as conditions worsen, so does the degree of difference.

We know this more than anyone. At De Sangosse we have been manufacturing slug pellets for more than 30 years and understand what it takes to create a pellet with good scores for persistence, durability and spreadability. Part of this is controlled in the manufacturing process and we use premium durum wheat flour – better than that used in many pasta dishes – to produce a quality pellet that tastes good and has a tight surface that promotes good ballistic properties and endures tough climatic conditions.

Delivering these positive attributes however, requires a consideration of the number of pellets needed to ensure sufficient ground coverage. While a high number of baiting points might seem desirable, it can come at a cost to efficacy levels.

Slug pellets are about the only pesticide used in agriculture where the pest is required to locate the bait, but an acute sense of smell that can locate food from up to 60cm makes the task easier. Once found, the pest needs to ingest sufficient active ingredient to cause death. This is why size matters. Because with size comes mass and this delivers consistent spread patterns, means the pellet is less frangible in a tough environment and ensures sufficient ingestion to cause death.

Choose TDS, because it has the size to deliver effective slug control.



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