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Diseases and pests in sheep

Endoparasites (inside the animal) and ectoparasites (outside the animal) adversely affect animal health and performance. Worms are becoming increasingly difficult to control using anthelmintics (wormers) and there is a growing problem of resistance to understand and deal with. Sheep Scab is an animal welfare issue and can reduce animal performance. This course cover worms and scab with more modules to come.

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Scab in sheep


by Kathryn Dun (Royal (DICK) School of Veterinary Studies)  Course Diseases and pests in sheep

Greater awareness of sheep scab and co-ordinated efforts by farmers can help to keep the condition under control, writes Kathryn Dun of the Royal School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh


Sheep lameness


by Ruth Clements (FAI Farms)  Course Diseases and pests in sheep

The five-point plan for controlling lameness in sheep is now an agreed national strategy to help the industry meet government targets to reduce incidence to 5% or less by March 2016. Its designer, vet Ruth Clements, explains how and why farmers should use it.

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Worms in sheep


by Lesley Stubbings   Course Diseases and pests in sheep

Effective worm control means not only keeping worms in check, but managing populations without building up resistance to anthelmintics. Independent sheep consultant Lesley Stubbings provides some key points