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Fertiliser management

Effective nutrient management is a fundamental part of good farm practice and to farm profitability. Getting the balance of nutrients right from all sources available to the growing crop – organic, soil and liquid or bagged fertiliser – can make a real difference to enterprise margins

The economic response in crop or grass yields far outweighs the fertiliser cost up to the "break-even point" – the point at which one additional kilogram of nutrient is just paid for by the value of the extra yield it produces.

This series of academies looks at managing the careful balance of crop needs, application rates and environmental care.

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Fertiliser 1: Nitrogen management


by Keith Goulding (Rothamsted Research)  Course Fertiliser management

Effective nutrient management has always been a crucial part of good farm practice, with the underlying principle of fertiliser use to supplement the supply of nutrients available from the soil. Rothamsted Research‘s Keith Goulding (pictured) and Johnny Johnston explain.

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Fertiliser 2: Remote sensing


by Clive Blacker (Precision Decisions)  Course Fertiliser management

Understanding precision nitrogen application technology may seem daunting, but doing so could pay dividends. Precision farming consultant Clive Blacker explains what’s available and how it could benefit your business.

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Fertiliser 3: Grass nutrition


by Ian Richards (Ecopt Consultancy)  Course Fertiliser management

Tighter margins increase the need to maximise output from grass, whether for grazing or conservation. Independent adviser Ian Richards of Suffolk-based Ecopt consultancy outlines the principles of fertiliser requirement.

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Fertiliser 4: Micronutrients for arable crops


by Professor Philip White (James Hutton Institute)  Course Fertiliser management

Micronutrients are key for good plant growth, while deficiencies can cut crop yields. An expert takes a look at what deficiency symptoms growers should  be looking for and how they can correct any shortfalls

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