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Potato pests and diseases

Potato pests and diseases are costly in crop losses and inputs. In this series of academies, there are modules on alternaria, potato blight and aphids – all require vigilant agronomic management and treatment timings. Look out for more modules coming soon.

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Potato aphids


by Dr Andy Evans (Crop & Soil Systems, SRUC)  Course Potato pests and diseases

Monitoring good hygiene and a control programme that takes aphicide resistance into account are essential for a healthy seed potato crop. Central Science Laboratory‘s Phil Northing assesses the risks growers face, while Scottish Agricultural College‘s Andy Evans summarises best practice control.


Potatoes: alternaria


by Barrie Florendine (Agrii )  Course Potato pests and diseases

Alternaria is becoming more of a problem in UK potato crops, and can be hard to spot, writes UAP potato specialist Barrie Florendine.


Potatoes: understanding blight


by Ruaridh Bain   Course Potato pests and diseases

To control late blight effectively, you now need a thorough understanding of the pathogen you’re dealing with. David Cooke of The James Hutton Institute and Ruairidh Bain of SRUC summarise recent research and changes to best practice.