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Spraying advice

Learn for free from experts how to apply pesticides safely and efficiently on your farm. Save time, money and your crops.

The safe and efficient application of pesticides on farm should be the goal for every farmer. With increased regulation of agrochemicals, a reducing armoury of chemistry at a farmer’s disposal and the pressing need to keep input costs to a minimum getting spray application right is in everybody’s interest.

It not only delivers the best weed, pest or disease control outcome but it also minimises pollution risks and protects operator safety.

This Farmers Weekly Academy on how to spray like a pro, was produced using the latest expertise from Syngenta’s spray application specialist, Ben Magri.

In the course you will find specialist guidance on setting up the sprayer correctly to avoid drift and minimise watercourse pollution and point source contamination as well as detailed measures on how to reduce costs by spraying more efficiently.

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Boom stability


by Ben Magri (Syngenta UK)  Course Spraying advice

A stable boom is essential for good spray deposition and can make all the difference to pesticide performance. As this Academy explains, boom stability comes from both the correct set-up and maintenance of the boom suspension and from operating with the correct tyre pressures.


Choosing the right nozzle


by Ben Magri (Syngenta UK)  Course Spraying advice

Spray application efficiency can be improved by making correct decisions about spray water volume and nozzle choice. While lower water volumes are a very efficient way to go spraying, their use is not appropriate with all agrochemical products. Only where timing, target, nozzle choice and…


How to spray efficiently


by Ben Magri (Syngenta UK)  Course Spraying advice

Weather interruptions and workload pressures are the two biggest obstacles faced by sprayer operators today. In this Academy, the efficiency gains from reduced spray drift and faster sprayer filling are examined. The supporting role played by both nozzle choice and boom height is also highlighted.…


Pesticide handling


by Patrick Goldsworthy, MBE   Course Spraying advice

The filling and cleaning of sprayers has a vital role in keeping chemicals out of water. That is because about 40% of the pesticides that reach water have been found to come from pesticide handling areas. The on-farm challenge is to develop a pesticide handling…


Pesticide legislation


by Patrick Goldsworthy, MBE   Course Spraying advice

Pesticides are some of the most strictly regulated products used in agriculture, so it is important to be aware of all the legislation and comply with it.


Setting up your sprayer


by Ben Magri (Syngenta UK)  Course Spraying advice

The correct sprayer set-up can improve efficacy, reduce drift, cut wear and tear and see yield advantages of up to 1t/ha.