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Winter Health

The challenging spring may have left a legacy of health issues this coming winter. Farmers Weekly is launching a five course Winter Health Academy to equip farmers with the know-how to prevent any potential problems.

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Calf pneumonia


by George Caldow (SAC)  Course Winter Health

Find out more about the main causes of pneumonia in calves and the best way to treat a disease that can prove costly to both stocks' health and your bottom line.


Calf scours


by Robert Drysdale (Westpoint Vets)  Course Winter Health

Improving long-term herd health


Fluke and worms in cattle


by Dr Basil Lowman (Scottish Agricultural College)  Course Winter Health

Worms in cattle are responsible for significant losses in production, decreased fertility, poor growth and in some cases death, so taking steps to prevent and treat them is crucial.




by Jamie Robertson (School of Biological Science, University of Aberdeen)  Course Winter Health

Providing the correct housing for cattle, especially during winter, is vital. Done properly, it should protect the animals from the harsher weather and provide an environment that encourages production and good health.

Winter Health: Nutrition


by David Hendy   Course Winter Health

A smooth transition from summer to winter diets it vital to keep cattle at their best. Any sudden change can be unsettling for monogastrics, but for cattle relying on a delicately-balanced rumen to digest food, dietary changes can cause significant problems – particularly for youngstock.