This season’s record rainfall and wet soils have badly affected the root structures of many cereal crops.

Poor rooting will limit the plant’s ability to take up nutrients and water, with serious impacts on crop performance – and significantly increase the risk of lodging before harvest.

New rooting needs to be encouraged to enable the plants to compensate.

A split dose of Moddus PGR has been shown to induce a 40% increase in root mass at 30cm.

Harper Adams University College has undertaken tests on all key wheat varieties for stem strength and rooting, from which Syngenta has produced a new iPhone App to provide growers and agronomists with PGR recommendations tailored to variety/risk.

1. Download the MODDUS Variety Advice App or visit the web version to calculate when best to make treatments and what rates to use, according to variety and situation.


2. Select your specific variety.


3. Review the variety risk profile.


4. Assess the specific variety advice for PGR timing and programmes.


5. Consult your agronomist for best advice on tailoring the MODDUS Variety App varietal recommendation to your farm and field situation.


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6. Look to tailor other agronomy inputs to enhance rooting and minimise plant stress alongside MODDUS use:

  • Adjust fertiliser rates and timing – may need to consider more ‘little and often’ applications
  • Stressed crops will be more susceptible to disease and require preventative protection
  • Micro-nutrient uptake could be adversely affected


Watch the video to find out how strong the roots of a Moddus-treated plant are:

Moddus - test your strength video


MODDUS is also the most effective way to keep your crops safely standing through to harvest.

moddus field imageTailoring your MODDUS PGR application by variety is the optimum way to enhance yield and rooting for crop input uptake and efficient utilisation.








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