Use of the FOOTVAX® vaccine as part of the Lameness Reduction Five-Point Plan can help cut the costs of lame sheep.

Vaccination with FOOTVAX is an aid to preventing lameness in a flock by stimulating immunity to (and reducing lesions caused by) Dichelobacter nodosus, the bacteria causing footrot. Footrot is the main cause of lameness on UK farms.

Vaccination should be on a whole flock basis and timed to coincide with times of high disease risk on the farm. Follow the recommended vaccination technique using a Sterimatic needle to minimise injection site abscesses.

1. Read the vaccine usage instructions carefully

FOOTVAX is a 1ml dose given under the skin. The primary vaccination course is two doses given six weeks apart. Talk to your vet about the most appropriate vaccination protocol for your flock and disease situation.


2. Prepare the vaccinator gun

Set the vaccinator gun dose setting to 1ml.


3. Fit the needle


4. Fit the disinfectant cap to the Sterimatic needle guard

Twist the cap to ensure it is fitted securely.


5. Fit the Sterimatic needle guard over the needle

Remove the protective plastic sleeve from the needle and screw it firmly into place on to the vaccinator gun.


6. Thoroughly shake the FOOTVAX vaccine bottle

Then put it in to the plastic sleeve from the top of the gun


7. Mount the FOOTVAX vaccine bottle on to the gun

Push the plastic spike on the gun in to the vaccine bottle rubber bung and secure the sleeve firmly into place.


8. Prime the vaccinator gun

Set the gun dose setting to 2ml. Point the gun slightly upwards and depress the trigger, allowing the barrel to fully fill with vaccine. Use the trigger to slowly expel any excess air.


9. Set the dose rate back to 1ml


10. Vaccinate the animal

The recommended vaccination site is on the side of the neck 2-3 inches behind the ear. Remove the top of the disinfectant cap.

Tent the skin and press the gun against it. Push the gun forwards to allow the needle to pass through the Sterimatic disinfection cap through the skin and then inject the 1ml dose.


Watch the Sheep Vaccination Masterclass video


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FOOTVAX® is only available from your animal health product prescriber or veterinary surgeon from whom advice should be sought. Footvax contains ten strains of inactivated Dichelobacter nodosus with an oil adjuvant. Legal category: POM-VPS. Footvax is the property of Intervet International B.V. or affiliated companies or licensors and is protected by copyrights, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Copyright © 2016 Intervet International B.V. All rights reserved.
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