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NFU Mutual and NFU remember their roots

NFU Mutual has been an integral part of the Great British countryside and its communities for over 100 years.

Coming from strong farming roots and working closely with the NFU (National Farmers Union), has led NFU Mutual to become a leading provider of general insurance and financial services.

Reflecting NFU’s dedication to protecting farmers, NFU Mutual is customer-focused, down-to-earth and committed to the rural communities it’s grown from.

Trust, respect and second-to-none customer service lie at the heart of both the NFU and NFU Mutual, which is how they’ve built an enviable reputation for exceptional member loyalty.

And it’s what makes working there so rewarding.

Farmers come first: the role of an NFU Mutual Insurance Sales Agent / NFU Group Secretary

Building long-term, sustainable and profitable relationships with local farming communities, NFU Mutual Agents deliver a personal service, giving members the care and attention they need, quickly and effectively.

But insurance is just one part of the role. Agents are also representatives of the NFU via their Group Secretary title, promoting their range of services.

Just as importantly, agents are passionate rural champions and on-hand points of advice, expertise and practical help for the communities in which they operate.

It’s obvious that customers love the personal service that they receive. Hear from one of our Salisbury Agents, Steven Bartlett below:

Being an NFU Mutual Agent offers a rare opportunity to be self-employed as part of a ready-made business.

You’re free to manage, drive and develop the business how you want to. And because farming is at the heart of everything NFU Mutual do, their Agents all have an affinity with the rural community, a knowledge of farming and a passion for the industry’s future.

NFU Mutual buildingFive qualities that make a great NFU Mutual Agent:

  1. You’ll need to be driven and ambitious. As a self-employed Agent, you’ll be constantly seeking out new opportunities to improve the way you work and develop new business opportunities.
  2. You have strong values and beliefs. Taking the time to do things right for our customers is crucial. And so is upholding and championing them in everything you do.
  3. Entrepreneurialism is key. It’s up to you to maximise the value gained from all the people and resources within your Agency.
  4. Planning is essential. Strategic in your thinking, you’ll have a clear vision for your agency – for its growth, values and behaviour.
  5. The right attitude is everything. You’ll need to embrace change and adapt quickly to changing circumstances by accepting new ideas – and making them happen.

Matthew Gummerson, a self-employed NFU Mutual Agent/NFU Group Secretary, tells us what he thinks is fundamental to succeeding in the role in the video below.

So if you’re at home in the countryside and think that you’ve got what it takes to be an NFU Mutual Agent/NFU Group Secretary, head to the careers site to find out more:

Visit the NFU Mutual website