Harvest has been atrocious at Richard Burt’s Rotherdale Farm, Worcester,  following a summer of poor yields and quality.

“I’m generally disappointed,” he said. “It’s been an expensive harvest and every revenue stream has been under stress.”

Mr Burt normally sold straw off the field but had to chop 600ha of it this year, losing both the income and also seeing his costs increase through the extra diesel needed.

Feed wheat yields just managed to reach 7.5t/ha with specific weights down in the 60s – a sharp contrast to last year’s 9–10t/ha crops with specific weights in the 70s.

 “The oilseed rape wasn’t too bad but oils were down two to three points at 41-42% instead of 44-45%.

“The better crops were later drilled on lighter land,” he added. “We’ve still got land that’s too wet to cultivate.”

Mr Burt hoped to finish drilling rapeseed today (18 September) despite conditions being somewhat sticky in areas.

“It’s certainly a year to forget.”