Wheat has had a four spray fungicide programe and for the first time in many years we have a plant that is clean but if areas around telegraph posts have been unsprayed the yellow rust has completely defoliated the plant (especially in Robigus).

Crops have been thinner this season and generaly shorter in height. Oakley looks good and has tillered well. The far south east had moisture in June and many crops look promising.

Most crops oilseed rape crops are at or near dessication time. Podsick is proving popular and can be added to the glyphosate to reduce  pod shatter ahead of the combine. All varieties have some frost induced pod abortion on various parts of the racime and it would be difficult to predict yields until the crops have been combined.

Grass weed control has been poor in barley and for next season, where difficult areas are known, limited chemical controls will require a sensible planned approach which will be critical for good results. Barley crops are fine and starting to turn golden as harvest aproaches

Winter beans have been very suseptible to disease this season especially Chocolate Spot and Sultan have been particualy affected. In Spring Beans rust would have been expected in the hot dry weather but it has been almost non-existant.