Although better known for its oilseed rape portfolio in the UK, DSV is to launch its first winter wheat to UK farmers at this year’s Cereals 2011.

Chilton, bred from a cross between Option and Solstice, is a high performance group 2. Giving the highest yield in the last 2 years of trial, Chilton has passed for UKp with p/l and w scores well within the standards required, as well as producing a loaf of a high standard. The Hagberg and specific weight are both extremely good.

Chilton has a short, stiff straw, with a good overall disease resistance. Chilton seems to perform particularly well as a second wheat, and it may be here that the eyespot rating of 9 is of special significance as it may be from a new genetic base.

Chilton is still undergoing national listing, although this is expected to be granted in September this year.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by DSV.