Agronomy and opinions from Farmers Weekly magazine’s overseas arable writers are the focus of our latest article looking back on 2006.

“I question just how far traditional levels of Nitrogen can be reduced without affecting yield.” David Greasby (2 June)

“We have had a few firms offering us different ways of disposing of our waste.” James Stafford (9 June)

“The only traditional farming we do now is grow winter barley.” Mark McFerran (23 June)

“I was impressed by what the HGCA is doing for all its levy payers.” James Stafford (7 July)

“You can either spray or you can’t – and the longer you do it, the better you get.” Peter Hogg (15 September)

“Now I’m considering sugar beet. How mad is that?” Steve Bumstead (29 September)

“Even rabbits now turn their noses up at organic food!” Kevin Littleboy (10 November)

cartoon davey pigeonsOverseas
“Significant easing in overseas demand, combined with the higher yields of recent seasons, has triggered a slump in the grass seed market.” Bill Davey (24 March)

“Canada is playing catch-up with the USA which will, with its planned target of 34bn litres a year of ethanol, be four years ahead of schedule in 2008.” Richard Crewe (31 March)

“Canada’s problem is that it hasn’t enough crushing capacity.” Richard Crewe (28 April)

“There is much discussion in Holland about opening the borders to labour from the east.” Hendrik Visser (12 May)

“The whole process of water allocation has become a political hot potato.” Bill Davey (16 June)

“After a long period of negotiation with our neighbour we have decided to work together.” Hendrik Visser (27 October)

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