Finally the grain drier has been turned off and all September contracts have been fulfilled, a remarkable feat considering the machine’s age.

However, determined not to end the season quietly, it provided a bit of excitement by spontaneously combusting. Pleasant plumes of steam were suddenly replaced by less attractive black smoke.

Once the fan was switched off it really wasn’t that dramatic – but you must allow a chap some poetic licence.

Having rung 999 we didn’t have to wait long for the sound of a siren, and our Towering Inferno was soon down to a smoulder and being attended to by a fireman cutting a hole in the structure to extinguish it.

He was joined by three more appliances, including one with a hydraulic ladder, and at least 15 colleagues – probably a slight over-reaction. I’m not sure how well my comment: “You can tell it’s double time on a Sunday” went down, but all credit to the Fire Service as we had minimal damage.

It’s been a season we’re all glad to see the back of. I’ve never before been anywhere with wheat combining and drilling on the same day – 15 September. The end of one season was the start of another.

Since then we’ve drilled all our first wheats into very good seed-beds and await the forecast rain before starting on second wheats.

Ploughed land has been pressed but is very hard. I wish I’d gone with my gut feeling and pushed on more with the Simba Solo. Where it was used, we could drill when we wished. These machines seem to be going a little out of fashion but I wouldn’t swap mine for anything.

Oh well, I’d better go and add up the value of my Bradford and Bingley shares – it shouldn’t take long.