Farmers in North Wales are still waiting for winter wheat and spring barley to ripen, according to contractor Glyn Jones.

He managed to get on cutting oats yesterday (27 August), but the other crops were still too wet.

“The crops haven’t been all ready – the moistures just won’t come down. But they’re not suffering.

“It’s been easier than last year, but we’ve still had to go and grab it when we can. We’ve been cutting a lot at night – that’s when the best weather has been.”

However, windy weather was threatening to knock the wheat and barley down, he added.

The winter oats had yielded well, at about 7.4t/ha (3t/acre), and spring barley had also been pleasing, with similar yields and plenty of straw.

But wheat was proving far more variable, and was very short strawed, which was disappointing, said Mr Jones.

“If we have a week of dry weather I think most of the area will finish – but the forecast isn’t that good.”

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