IPU remains option until at least 2007 ISOPROTURON HERBICIDE (Arable, Jan 7) is unlikely to be outlawed until at least 2007, but growers are being urged to take more care with its use.

That is the picture after Thames Water Utilities representatives visited Pesticides Safety Directorate last week to discuss the chemical’s contamination of water sources destined for drinking.

 “We had a very useful meeting with policy director Sue Popple where we presented our data as robustly as we could,” says TWU’s Steve White.

The Annex 1 pesticide is already being examined under the EU’s product review process. “That review is well under way and she said our data [showing high levels in some rivers this winter] would be helpful.”

The review could result in the status quo continuing or regulatory changes, but no decision is expected for two years.

 “Clearly we’d like to see something done sooner rather than later. But in the meantime we hope more people make an effort to make a difference.”