Not disappearing up to your withers when setting foot on cropped fields is quite a novelty and though some machinery is moving on the lighter lands, the heavier soils are going to take longer if machines are not going to sink. Seedbed preparation on these soils is going to reqiure some careful management, and some ex root crop fields  I have seen I think would be better off fallowing.

Fetiliser has been applied to a lot of rape crops though small amounts as generally the soil temperatures are still too low for uptake as I write this.The thought process as to why  it was applied is more of a practical thing and having a little applied for when it does warm up will take one job away from the many that will need to be done at the same time.

Pigeons have decimated some of the better crops and left stalks though that is not uncommon and these usually come back when the weather and fertiliser kick in. The problem crops are the very small poor late crops that have been an issue throughout winter. Some are still destined for pulling up, but the ones I have seen  looking like brown fields from the car, are in fact on closer inspection worth keeping, but they will need a lot of help. A lot of growth stimulants are being used to try and kickstart these and cereal crops but be sure to discuss which ones are appropriate as there are some “interesting” claims being made with some of them.

It is still too cold for the post em ALS grass weed products in
cereals and the blackgrass is still dormant though in wheat no real
issue as yet. The main problems come from untreated barley fields with
only one possible product now being able to be used (Axial) This will
work in slightly cooler conditions than Atlantis et al in wheat though
some growth will be needed but basically the smaller the blackgrass the
better the chance of some effect.Large meadow grass is also an
unsolvable issue if residuals had not been put on.

Disease levels in wheat low but net blotch and mildew are being reported in the few forward barleys I have.

Despite all this there are some good crops about this area and they just need some decent warm weather to get things going.