James Grant-Suttie has cut a third of his Pearl winter barley at Balgone Farms, North Berwick, Scotland, and is pleased with the results.


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“It’s looking good – it’s yielding over 7t/ha (3t/acre) and is 1.5% nitrogen,” he said. “But the conditions are really hampering us now.”

The combine had been out just twice in the past week (to 6 August), and the forecast was not good, he added.

Mr Grant-Suttie still had 28ha (70 acres) of Pearl to cut, as well as the Excalibur oilseed rape, which he sprayed off a fortnight ago. “We tend to roundup everything to hurry harvest along and keep drying costs to a minimum.”

The Oxbridge spring barley was ready to spray once the weather dried out, and the wheat would not be ready until the last week in August at best.

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Pearl
Area: 16ha (40 acres)
Yield: >7t/ha (3t/acre)



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