Spraying in wheat(c) Tim Scrivener

A new, more concentrated version of the cereal herbicide Starane has been launched, helping farmers save time when spraying crops.

Containing 333g of the active fluroxypyr/litre, this more concentrated formulation will treat 9ha a pack, saving both time and money for sprayer operators and farmers, claims the manufacturer Dow AgroSciences UK.

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The herbicide provides robust control of chickweed, cleavers and other broad-leaved weeds in the spring/late season period in spring and winter cereals. The average dose is 0.45 litres/ha compared with 0.75 litres/ha for the standard product.

“Starane Hi-Load is another step in our commitment to deliver at least one new product a year to the UK market,” says Toni McEwan, who manages Dow AgroSciences UK cereal herbicide portfolio.

“For farmers who have used and relied on Starane 2 or Gala in the past, the new product offers a real solution to controlling broad-leaved weeds,”  she says.