Wheat is finally starting to pour in at Honey Pot Grain Store, Colsterworth, Lincolnshire, with farmers now making rapid progress.

“So far we’ve only had 2000t of the 16,000t we’re expecting,” said store manager Simon Schaanning.

“A lot is still being combined – it’s taken some time to get down to reasonable moisture levels – tomorrow we should be below 15% for the first time this week.”

Bushel weights were very low, ranging from 70kg/hl to 54kg/hl. “Very little will make the milling grade – we did have seven silos set aside for milling wheat, now we’re down to three.”

Protein contents were high, and anything over 72kg/hl was being set aside for milling use, said Mr Schaanning.

“Feed mills are happy to take down to 68kg/hl, so that’s what we’re working on. But we have a lot that’s well below 68kg/hl, and I guess that will end up going on a boat.”

Winter barley had been nothing to write home about, but did make the required specific weight, he added.

“Everything is just about to get very busy. Yesterday, we were scratching our heads because we’ve had a fantastic week and nothing was coming in, but it’s all about to happen this weekend.”