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PICTURES: View the latest Harvest Highlights pictures on FWiSpace

View the Harvest Highlights gallery


This Claas Lexion 600TT demonstrator combine at Ashridge Farm, near Newbury, Berkshire was halted by rain on 3rd September. Photographer Richard Hutchingson wonders whether there might be a pot of harvest gold at the end of the rainbow.



Off home with a Lexion 470 on 4th September after heavy overnight rain left this field near Hay on Wye, Hereford like a mud bath.



Gathering the last field of oats in Trent, Somerset on 30th August.


tea time

James taking over so Russell can enjoy his tea and doughnuts as a TX66 and CX8040 try to finish wheat before more rain arrives at Tintinhull, Somerset.


Hill Master

A John Deere 2058 Hill Master harvesting Westminster spring barley on 30th August in West Wales. At the helm is Mathew Williams who farms with his parents Terry & Betty at Ffrwdwenith Farm, Aberporth. Despite recent poor weather yields were close to 3t/acre.


Three generations

Daisy Leyeland photographed Northumberland contractor P A Robson of Chathill employing three generations of New Holland combines to cut Solstice wheat at 17% at Smeafield Farm, Belford.



“We have a great agronomist,” says Fiona Teagle. It was just the rain to blame for this sprouting in Cornish Alchemy wheat, she explains.



Heavy rain an hour later on 2nd September stopped J O Straughan’s One way Davie using this Fendt 936 Krone 12130 to bale straw on Gordon Meek’s farm at Ponteland, Northumberland. It was still raining heavily 24 hours later where Mr Meek was drying grain from 24% moisture. His tip for the week? Calor gas.



Another load of wheat arrives to go through the continuous flow drier at J G Goring & Sons farm at Dorstone, Hereford.


Baling 2

A Fendt 716 hauling a Massey Ferguson 185 get to grips with wheat straw near Cold Christmas, Hertfordhire on 31st August.

PICTURES: View the latest Harvest Highlights pictures on FWiSpace

View the Harvest Highlights gallery


Moles Farm, Ware

This New Holland TX66 was pictured at Moles Farm, Ware, Hertfordshire on 30 August.


Hay on Wye

This Lexion 470, belonging to J G Goring & Sons, Hereford was cutting Solstice winter wheat yielding over 4t/acre at 15-16% moisture when rain returned. Here, while awaiting drier weather, it gets a thorough 100-hour service.



Tom of Gollins Contractors combining Oakley wheat at 16.5% moisture with Chris of G E & M Baker & Son of Kingsey, Bucks on trailer duty. The picture was taken during a short spell of blue sky last week by Chris’s eldest daughter, Emily, a blogger on last year’s Kidsconnect campaign for Farmlife.



“We don’t all have Lexions.” says Andrew Rees who took this photo on 30 August of his dad Ken cutting 11 acres of wheat after maize on their 350 acre Gaulby Lodge Farm, Kings Norton, Leciestershire. The 1983 combine, which cuts just 50 acres of wheat a year, remains in excellent condition. Kay Price on the Massey 4255 is leading the grain home for their 120 dairy cows. The crop yielded about 3.5t/acre at 15.5% moisture, and the straw was baled just before the next day’s washout.



Finding it a tight squeeze moving to the next field, Jeff Bradshaw uses the Hillsider technology on this John Deere CTS 9780, to good effect to get over the hedge.


Boddington smaller

On the last haul of the day at Boddington Estates, Gloucestershire, Matt Shaw unluckily found one of this field’s many wet spots and got stuck. He took the photo while waiting to be rescued.


Lincs wolds

Glasgow wheat being cut at 17% moisture on 28 August at Biscathorpe in the Lincolnshire wolds while viners gather Oasis peas in the background.


Flat wheat

Contractor P & J Awdry tackling rain-beaten wheat in Wiltshire on 30 August.


Wind power

The first wind-powered combine, perhaps? G B Daniel & Sons cutting Robigus wheat at 20% moisture yielding 4.7t/acre at Brackenholme, Selby.


Big drops

When it rains they get big drops at Upper Farm, Milston on Wiltshire’s Salisbury Plain.

PICTURES: View the latest Harvest Highlights pictures on FWiSpace

View the Harvest Highlights gallery


This record setting exercise, in Norton, Kansas, is said to have seen 160 acres harvested in 10 minutes and 15 seconds using 100 combines and several grain trucks.



The Farmstar demo team in action with the Case IH AFX 9010 cutting wheat on the 24th August.


stuck combine

stuck trailer

A couple of all too familar sights (above) this summer, posted by Charlotte Colston.


N Yorks combining

Jonathan & Chris Malthouse harvesting at Silpho, North Yorkshire on 27th August.



This New Holland CR9080 is working at G & H Cholmley’s farm run by Velcourt in Wintringham, North Yorkshire.



Harvesting Einstein winter wheat at 20% moisture on McGrath’s Farm Palmerstown, Oldtown, Co Dublin, 23rd August.



This rather worried looking Jack Russell is called Winstone, says Chris Broome who posted this.


Flat oats

Cutting flat oats in the real world by Brian Newens for Reed Farm Partnership near Petersfield, Hants.



Xi19 wheat, sown on 25 September, coming off at about 12t/ha from land that former Farmers Weekly Barometer Bill Harbour manages at Gosmere Farm, near Faversham, Kent. His 12ha of marigolds in the background have been a hit with photographers, he says. “We could have made more money from the crop if we’d charged them for each shot.”

PICTURES: View the latest Harvest Highlights pictures on FWiSpace

View the Harvest Highlights gallery

Claas 580

A night-working Claas 580 Lexion combine, supplied by RW Marsh (Ulceby), pictured from the rear in inclement weather at Worths Farms, Wainfleet Marshes South of Gibralter Point, Skegness, Lincs. 

Ascott wheat

Harvesting winter wheat with a Claas Lexion 600 on terra tracks on August 23rd at Ascott farm, Ascott,Wing, Buckinghamshire.

Massey 525 smaller

This Massey 525 cutting winter oats at Sydcombe Farm, Dorstone Hereford, belongs to Trevor James.

Trailer hiccup

Whoops! A local farmer at  Fishtoft, Boston, Lincs, trying to get the harvest in just a bit too quickly, got it wrong at a round-about with a full load of grain.


Mr C Cousins (aged 75) cutting Einstein wheat at 15% with grandson Daniel on trailer duty.

Burgh Island

New Holland TX64 combining Westminster spring barley at 17% moisture yielding 2.8/acre on 22nd August at Wilfrid Walters’ Scobbiscombe farm, near Modbury, South Devon with Burgh Island in the background.

Co Down

Pearl winter barley being cut – finally – at Clandeboye, Bangor, Co Down.

Deere power

Deere power was needed to pull this tractor out of a gault clay hole on NMD Ltd’s farm in Norfolk.

Mobile drier

After the August rains, this dryer had to work hard to reduce the moisture from near 20% in this batch of wheat. Picture by David Hutton-Squire.


G, R & P Easton’s John Deere CTS combines at work in Oakley winter  wheat at Field’s End Bridge Farm, Kings Dyke, Whittlesey with the newly erected wind turbine at Abbey Produce (scene of a recent warehouse fire) and Hanson Brick chimneys in background.

PICTURES: View the latest Harvest Highlights pictures on FWiSpace

The Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery continues to grow with some fabulous pictures arriving from across the country.

View the 2008 Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery 

Here’s some of the shots sent in recent days:

UGC HH pictures

Rob Bebbington of Fieldfare Farmers, Whitchurch, Shropshire harvesting a 19.64 hectare crop of Boost hybrid barley which achieved a yield of 3.71t/acre (9.16t/ha) (these are dry weights taken from the company’s weighbridge).

Ford with tinted windows

A Ford FW-30 tractor working behind a John Deere combine that was cutting rape. This tractor is a little different, as it has tinted black windows. Picture by Nixey.

UGC combining

First time out this season for a Claas Lexion 430. Contractor Kevin Gwillam, at Hawford Farm, Claines, Worcester. Only 1385 more acres to go….Picture by johnjo410

Bengeo UGC pic

Paul Hazelwood sent these pics taken on the 22.07.08 and show two JCB 8250’s with Massey Ferguson 2190 square balers, baling winter barley straw in fields on the outskirts of Bengeo in Hertfordshire

Want to make an appearance in the Harvest Highlights picture gallery? Either upload your pictures (with some caption details in the description) to the Harvest Highlights gallery or email them to us? We’ll be running a selection in next week’s Farmers Weekly and in future issues.

Note: Pictures uploaded to the gallery must be under 4MB. It may also be worth keeping an eye on the email address you register with, as if we have any more queries about the picture we’ll reply to that address.

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