Incessant rain and floods have led to the cancellation of a festival to celebrate Britain’s early asparagus crop.

Due to take place this weekend, the British Asparagus Festival has been cancelled due to a severe shortage of asparagus.

Organisers said incessant rain and floods were a double whammy for the Worcestershire event that normally sees thousands of people visiting the Vale of Evesham.

Most UK asparagus is grown in the West Midlands with over three square miles of countryside dedicated to the crop.

Consumer demand for asparagus in the UK is increasing by about 13% annually with UK production rising at around 7% per year.

Festival organiser Angela Tidmarsh said: “We were expecting asparagus to be scarce due to the unseasonally good weather at the start of the year followed by the recent deluge.

“However, this week’s flooding means that the asparagus crop is almost completely dormant.”

The festival venue was under several inches of water when the River Avon burst its banks.

Ms Tidmarsh said: “It’s ironic as the British Asparagus Festival was started as a way of helping the area recover after the severe floods of 2007”.

“That said, we plan to continue to celebrate asparagus throughout May and hope that the crop will be available for the famous auction at the Fleece at Bretforton on 27 May.

“At this rate, it will be selling at record prices.”