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Rained off in Lincolnshire

Rain has brought combining to a halt at Grange Farm, Rippingale, Lincolnshire, but Ben Atkinson is around 70% through the wheat harvest.

“We’re not panicking because there’s better weather forecast after today (28 August) – three and half to four good days and everything should be in the barn,” he said.

“It’s the village beer festival tomorrow and we had been aiming for that but the weather has been a bit catchy.”

Yields and quality had been good, although Mr Atkinson was less excited about the market prices.

“We’ve cut 907ha of wheat and yields will be 10t/ha or more, which is better than average,” he said.

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“We grew Conqueror, Santiago and Kielder and there’s not much between the yields; although the Conqueror is terrible to combine because it takes a lot of thrashing so the combine drivers hate it.”

Oilseed rape averaged almost 5t/ha. “The ones that really shone were Expower and Extrovert – if I could only grow one variety it would be Extrovert as it did well regardless of when or where it was drilled,” said Mr Atkinson. “Avatar was probably the most disappointing but it was still alright.”

The 400ha of barley – split between winter and spring varieties, also performed well. “Saffron winter barley yielded about average but the springs were above average and had a really nice sample.”

Mr Atkinson still had 388ha of wheat left to cut, followed by 40ha of Fuego spring beans. “They are grown on contract and look really good, which is promising.”

Rained off in Lincolnshire

Harvest is extremely late around Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, with only 40% of crops now cut, according to Lindsay Wright, store manager at Woldgrain.

“We’ve had rain all weekend, so are just waiting for a dry period to get the combines rolling again,” she said.

“The crops have been coming in quite wet, and quite a lot of the winter barley has failed to make malting due to pre-germination, which is something we haven’t seen much of in recent years.

“There is also still quite a lot of winter barley to come in.”

Oilseed rape was almost finished, with just one farmer waiting to cut his crop. “I don’t know if there’ll be much of it left to harvest,” said Miss Wright.

Oil contents had been lower than normal, at 42-43%.

So far wheat had been pretty poor quality, with most bushel weights at 68-70kg/hl, she added.

“We have got a fine day today (27 August), followed by heavy rain forecast tomorrow, so most of this week will be written off.

“We will probably soon start to see Hagbergs dropping – if we could get a dry spell we’ve only got about five days’ combining left, but it’s proving difficult to get those five dry days.”

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