Winter barley has yielded well at Andy Robinson’s farm near Horncastle, Lincs, with Suzuka grown for seed averaging almost 7t/ha (3t/acre).


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“I was very satisfied with that – it’s the third year of barley and it was the best yield we’ve had. It’s good big bold stuff too.”

Mr Robinson’s 16ha (40 acres) of Quench spring barley was still about two weeks away, and would be followed by 5ha (12 acres) of Robigus winter wheat.

“It’s all looking very well.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Suzuka
Area: 4ha (10 acres)
Yield: 7t/ha (3t/acre)

Crop: Spring barley
Variety: Quench
Area: 16ha (40 acres)

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Robigus
Area: 5ha (12 acres)



Duxford winter wheat is an HGCA Recommended List 2008/09 variety with very high UK treated yields and the top score for resistance to lodging with PGR. Combined with an unbeaten second wheat yield and a balanced disease resistance profile, this new variety from Syngenta Seeds will help UK growers rise to the challenge of producing more grain profitably.


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