Grassland UK: Tafe tractor gets a bovine paint job

Friday 11 May 2012 13:38

With many visitors' heads down against the driving rain at the Grassland event, it was difficult for exhibitors to grab people's attention. But the eye-catching paintjob of a 47hp TAFE seemed to be doing the trick.

Sprayed up in a black and white cow-hide livery, the Indian-built tractor is more usually seen with an orangey-red colourscheme.

Using an old Massey design, the tractor is equivalent to an MF 240 with the exception that it has in-board, oil-immersed brakes making it an ideal scraper tractor.

Price for the standard tractor is £11,250 while the one-off paint-job costs an eye-watering £1,000.

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