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First Milk launches sustainability report

Dairy co-operative and processing company First Milk has launched its first sustainability report outlining the company’s plans to develop a more sustainable supply chain.

A programme, developed alongside Oxford-based Food Animal Initiative (FAI), aims to drive economic, environmental and ethical sustainability in the supply chain.

The five programme areas the company is concentrating on are:

· Feed for the Future

· Cow and Calf

· Wheels, Yields and Deals

· Reduce, Renew, Recycle

· Food for the Future 

Each strand will be overseen by a senior manager at the company, with long-term goals set for delivery by 2020.

“As the only major dairy company owned exclusively by British farmers, we believe that we are in a unique position to influence the industry and individuals on sustainability,” said First Milk chief executive officer Kate Allum.

“It makes sense for our farmers to look at ways to reduce their feed bills and that we investigate and share ways to improve cow and calf health. It makes sense that we ensure our milk price schedules incentivise sustainable production systems. 

“It makes sense that we control and reduce waste, water and energy. And it makes sense that we create products and packaging that support sustainable consumption.”

The company was driving these objectives because to was important from an ethical and environmental standpoint, she added.

“Most importantly they deliver an economic benefit to our farmers, either directly on-farm or through maximising the returns we can pass back to them.”

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