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Poltical correctness gone mad!!!!

From guest blogger (and internationally renowned writer and work experience attendee) Miss Alice Serras

Gingerbread ‘people’, midday supervisors (as opposed to dinner ladies), lollipop ‘person’ – just when you thought political correctness could go no further, common sense has finally been pushed over the edge.

The RSPB has banned the use of the work ‘cock’ to describe male birds on its online forums and appears to be phasing out its use throughout its website. Any user who attempts to use the offending word will find it censored.

The RSPB claims it has put this into practice as a lot of children visit the website and it wishes to avoid embarrassment. Surely the bigger concern should be why children would realise this could be an embarrassing word in the first place?!? However fans of blue tits need not worry, there are no plans to rename them…yet.


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One Response to Poltical correctness gone mad!!!!

  1. biofuelsimon April 7, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    Its a load of old male hens if you ask me. The RSPB also advocates killing ducks (ruddy ducks) is that any kind of position for an organisation dedicated to the protection of Birds?

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