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Archive | July, 2009

North: Coming to the end of a tough year

At long last we’re reaching the end of a very difficultyear for agronomists. Two wet seasons coupled with a near normal winter have leftharvest prospects in the balance. As temperatures rise over 25Ccrops with tiny root balls and limited crop cover are becomingstressed. Winter wheats on the whole look quite good and have made themost […]

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North: Harvest grows nearer

Hot weather has brought harvest ever nearer, with winterbarleys quickly turning gold. Unfortunately, feed barley harvestprices are anything but golden. Pre-harvest glyphosate is beingapplied to even up crops where necessary or where there is a lot ofvolunteer wheat. The decision to desiccate or swath oilseed rape is upon us, asfew crops are even enough to […]

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West: Looking forward to harvest’s end

I think farmers and agronomists alike will be glad whenharvest is complete and we can start afresh nextseason. The recent hot, dry spell has highlighted different soil typesand areas of compaction, as crops have started to burn up inpatches. Subsoilers are at the ready to carry out remedialwork. The dry spring resulted in relatively low […]

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South: Pay care to hygiene standards

Most oilseed rape crops have been sprayed off with RoundupUltimate (glyphosate), and those which are very uneven will besprayed next week with Quad (diquat) when 90% of the seed in themiddle third of the raceme is brown. Timing will be critical to make sure that the later maturingseed is at the correct stage and that […]

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East: Leaving out insecticide proves to be the right call

Oilseed rape crops on light land are rapidly approaching the correct stage for glyphosate application. Those on better bodied soils are hanging on and will probably be at the right stage for desiccation in five to seven days time depending on the whether. I try and go as late as I can as we’ve found […]

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