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East: Orange blossom midge threat

Excessive temperatures over the weekend, caused flag leaves to emerge at a rapid rate. Hopefully, all flag leaf sprays will have been applied by now, even though the time interval between the T1 and T2 has been short. With soil temperatures rising, and the threat of rain to moisten soils, the next problem to encounter […]

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South: Pest and disease risk increases

Dry weather seems to be the order of the day. During May we have had about 10mm of rain, with the west faring a little better than the east of the region. Crops on the light land are suffering badly with flag leaf beginning to roll in the heat of the day and those on […]

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West: Difficult decisions on T3 fungicides

The dry conditions persist, and on some soils I fear yield has already been affected.  Even ‘getting the sprayer out the shed’ has not made it rain this season!  It is the stage of the season for ICM (in car management), as when you drive by crops they look OK, but when you walk them […]

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Spud Special: Dry soils influence herbicide choice

Warm weather has finally arrived with recently planted crops emerging very quickly. Some early growers in Cheshire rapidly removed fleece which was covering their early crops and have started harvest. A late frost just a couple of weeks ago resulted in some damage to foliage but not enough to impact on yield. Herbicide choice is […]

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North: Planning forward and the state of play

Having survived most of May with winter coats and thermals, a heat wave has spurred crops into life. Lack of rain is a concern, but no doubt as you read this we will have started a new cycle of wet weather. Cereals 2010 is just around the corner and everybody knows that this leads to […]

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West: Hot conditions curling crops up

Summer arrived with a vengance last thursday with temperatures soring to 25C and overnight temperatures not dropping below 7C. Wheat crops are showing signs of stress already with flag leaves curling up in the heat of the day, with some reports of crops being irrigated. As one can imagine soil conditions are very dry, the only […]

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East: Back to the Sahara

It has been weeks since there we had any appreciable rain in this part of the world and this is beginning to impact on spring crops, cereals particularly. Some winter ones are now dropping leaves on light soils and waxing up on heavier soils. Flag leaves have appeared, speeded up with last weekend’s very hot weather and T2s […]

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South: Temperatures increase, but rain desperately needed

At last temperatures have risen and crops are growing rapidly. Unfortunately it is still very dry and this has hampered the uptake of nitrogen and on the lighter/thinner soil types, crops are clearly under a lot of stress. These crops need rainfall this week if yield potential is not going to suffer greatly   Wheat crops […]

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East: More rain and sunshine please

At this critical time for crop development and growth it is likely that the continued dry and cool conditions will impact on yields.  However, September drilled wheats in good soil conditions with well developed root systems have the potential to yield well. There is still a wide range of growth stages between crops; such diversity […]

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South: What happened to global warming?

Two days ago we had the first measurable rain for 4 weeks. The lack of rainfall alone wouldn’t be so much of a problem were it not associated with very cold north easterly winds and some severe night frosts, down to -2 deg for a couple of nights last week. Crops have begun to suffer […]

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