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Archive | August, 2011

North: Oilseed rape drilling well underway

Yields from this harvest have been the most variable for a long time across all crops. The moisture retentive soils have produced some sensational yields whilst those on thin or light land have been understandably down on output, although perhaps not as low as anticipated. Oilseed rape drilling is well underway and seedbeds so far have […]

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East: Monitor oilseed rape for slug activity

With harvest progressing well, and the new season rapidly approaching, now is a good time to look at the state of the soil in terms of nutrient content, pH and structure. Soil testing may be time consuming, but the rewards of getting the pH and nutrient status correct are immense. With the high price of […]

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West: Excellent conditions for blackgrass control

There will be a mixed response on farms to this week’s rain. Those who have finished harvest will be glad of it to help with stubble cultivations, but growers with crops still to cut will not be as happy. Oilseed rape drilling is proceeding and the rain is very welcome for germination. There are the usual […]

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South: Wet weather triggers heavy weed flush

At the time of writing harvest has been frustratingly held up by enough rain every 36 hours to prevent it going further. It’s been a pretty protracted harvest so far, with an early start but will end up being a late finish.   Yields have ranged from fairly ordinary to outstanding, and are directly proportional, […]

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