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Two stories I have read in newspapers this weekend led to the headline above.

The first was about a proposal from German greens in the EU Parliament that coagulant rat poisons should be banned across the Union. This was the same group, you may remember, that succeeded in drastically cutting the number of agro-chemicals available to European farmers on the grounds that they contained traces of dangerous substances. They want to get rid of rat poison for the same reason - and probably because they think the poisons are cruel to rats.

It is such a nonsensical proposal that it is difficult to believe it is serious. But sadly it is. And apparently it stands a good chance of being made law. If it does, we can expect the entire Continent to be over-run by rats and for diseases like The Plague, which is spread by the dreadful creatures to appear again. Who knows what other epidemics might occur and where such a policy might lead?  

Its almost enough to make me advocate leaving the EU.

The other bit of nonsense emanates from an institution much closer to home. An academic at the University of East Anglia, which is only about four miles from here, has put forward the view that watching wildlife and filming animals about their business is immoral and should not be allowed to continue. He even condemns programmes like those made by David Attenborough because he believes them to be “an invasion of the animals privacy”.

And this is a professor whose salary is presumably paid by the state which in turn gets the money from taxpayers and who spends his time teaching and influencing young people.

There is something sadly wrong in a society that allows, encourages and indeed pays the salaries of such individuals only for them to put forward ideas like those above that belong in the mad house. Moreover, in times past that’s where they would have been put. Isn’t it time we stopped being polite about such so called political correctness and identified its perpetrators as potentially dangerous members of society? 

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2 Responses to ITS A MAD MAD WORLD

  1. Carl Ullyatt April 8, 2013 at 3:09 am #

    It was precisely this sort of absolute garbage descending on us from centralized Europe that made me leave farming before I become so wound up that I went MAD! David I applaud you for sticking at it and thank you for being an inspiration.

  2. Lee Hammond April 8, 2013 at 3:09 am #

    Well David, as usual you prove to revel in the controversial, using strawmen and hyperbole to “enhance” your arguments, well done.

    While I wont comment on your Anti-EU rhetoric, as a worker for a company that distributes many lines of rodent control products I am very surprised that the current generation of products have lasted as long as they have.

    A “blunt instrument” would easily sum up anti-coagulant poisons, and I can only think that the only reason that they haven’t been replaced is due to expense and that currently the benfirs outweigh the risks. The fact that the Greens would like them banned is no more than them expressing their democratic right to speak out on issues that they were elected to highlight.

    As for your your rant against Brett Mills, well, what can I say. While I do not agree that wildlife documentaries are in fact immoral, and that trying to impose “human2 rights on wildlife is dangerous, who is to judge who belongs in the mad house? You?

    Guess what, we live in a democracy, one where peoples views should be protected by statute, the very fact that you are using your platform to speak in attempt to silence those who you disagree with is frankly shocking.

    If you disagree with someones ideas, prove the ideas to be wrong, silencing and locking those up who “we” disagree with only leads to the destruction of debate and homogenisation of society, and last time I checked, the people who try to do that are called communists.

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