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Having complained about the lack of rain this spring I should, I suppose, admit that we have now had enough to do some good. Not enough to make up the deficit by any means but the many hours of light rain over the weekend, from Saturday morning through to Sunday morning and several showers since have delivered sufficient water to soak the soil and reach down to the roots of spring drilled crops.

The sugar beet and peas on this farm look much better than they did a week ago and the wheat has darkened to a healthier colour having got hold of the last dollup of nitrogen applied last week.

We got our beet in early this year and the last lot of heavy rain in early April ensured they all germinated. We have the best plant stand for a few years, I’m pleased to say, and most fields look pretty good with 6 to 8 leaved seedlings throughout. The peas were, perhaps, put in a little too early and where there were moist patches in some fields do not look too happy. But most look promising – always assuming we can keep the pigeons away.

What we need now is more rain and a significant rise in temperature. Then we might be able to look forward to some decent yields.


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