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When I was a boy we had a saying on the farm that March dust was worth a guinea an ounce. In other words if the land was dry enough during the month to get all the crops drilled yields should be pretty secure and the farm should be OK for the rest of the year.

Well, there’s been almost too much dust this time. There were clouds of it when we were drilling the harvest peas the other day and although I think we managed to plant the seeds into what moisture was there under the surface and rolled them in straight behind the drill I am still concerned about the possibility of a droughty spring. We had one last year and remember what that did to grain yields, hay prices and the like

I’ve had this premonition about another dry one all month. Indeed I mentioned it a few weeks ago on my page in FW and there’s been no rain since to suggest I was wrong. March came in like a lamb and looks like going out like one too. I’d almost rather it went out like a lion, like the other old saying suggests. It only goes to show how unreliable those old saws are. Unless, of course, we get a good wetting before the end of next week.

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