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Despite forecasts of significant rain a couple of nights ago, here in Norfolk it was very limited indeed. On Thursday morning at 8.00oclock I tipped 3mm out of my rain recorder and by that time the clouds had passed over. Since then nothing and the freshly drilled crops, having had only a slight freshen up from the precipitation are crying out for rain again.

March was one of the driest on record and it doesn’t bode well for decent crops if we don’t get a significant fall soon. The latest forecast speaks of an unsettled week to come. But seven days ago it said almost exactly the same and we need more than the odd light shower.

It is, of course, far too early to start talking about poor yields at harvest time. But a few more weeks of this and that will become a reality not just a fear.

The experts said, some time ago, that we could expect longer periods of rain and drought and not so much mixed weather. It seems they may have been right and its a cause for growing concern.

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