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Happy Christmas from the FSA (and PW)

  Good to see that the Food Standards Agency is taking its responsibilities seriously this Christmas….         …. as indeed is Poultry World  

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Christmas Card of the Year

  The mail box at Poultry World tends to get a little fuller at this year, thanks to the influx of Christmas cards from various stakeholders in the poultry sector. Some are funny, some are sincere, some are even original. But one stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Congratulations to the British Egg […]

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Is “cock” a rude word?

When is cock a rude word? In poultry circles, almost never. In the House of Common, seemingly always. So the Forager was delighted to read about Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt’s little jape in which she said the “C word” (cock) six times and the “L word” (lay or laid) on five occasions in a […]

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Sporting dreams come true in new Happy Egg calendar

  Gunter the Feathered Forager has sporting aspirations of his own – witness his trip to the Olympic rowing and his liaison with former England goalkeeper David Seaman. But credit where credit’s due – the latest offering from the Happy Egg Co raises the bar higher still. It’s latest Nice Pecks calendar – the third […]

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Human/chicken history left un-Foraged

  We do our best here at Poultry World, but freely admit that we can’t get to everything. And the Vindolanda Roman Fort museum on Hadrian’s wall open day on chicken/human interaction over the course of history was one we sorely regret missing. Visitors to the free event, held in November, were treated to interactive […]

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Funeral for a frozen chicken held in US supermarket

Animal rights activists have held a memorial service for fresh and frozen poultry in a supermarket in Berkley, California.  Around 30 mourners from the Direct Action Everywhere group assembled to remember a frozen bird, plucked from the shelves of the supermarket and placed in a cardboard coffin. They relay tributes to the poultry, before proceeding […]

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Gymnasium to build those pecks

  You’d have thought backyard chickens would have range enrichments enough. Assuming they are occasionally let out of their Eglu runs, or whatever other housing arrangement the average backyard keeper lavishes on their flock, most are able to express their natural behaviours through such activities as scratching up the lawn or excavating the pot plants. […]

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Chinese lady spends solid week in KFC

A sad tale of a woman scorned spending a solid week in a KFC restaurant in China has plucked the Forager’s heartstrings. It has been widely reported across the globe that poor Tan Shen, 26, from China’s southwest Sichuan Province, sought a week of comfort eating without break. It was, she explained, because she needed […]

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Damn those vegetarian diets

Like any red blooded rooster, Gunter the Feathered Forager takes pride in his virility. He was therefore somewhat alarmed by recent research from Loma Linda University Medical School in southern California which has revealed that vegetarians have lower sperm counts. According to the four year study, vegetarians had just 50 million sperm per ml compared […]

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Gunter takes his place at the Farming Oscars

  As regular readers of The Feathered Forager will know, Gunter is something of a socialite – always keen to leave his perch in the Poultry World offices and ruffle a few feathers at industry functions throughout the land. So he was not going to miss out on this year’s Farming Oscars – the Farmers […]

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