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When Dogs go Bad

It’s usually best to nip things in the bud before they get too serious (remember the cat with the razorblade?). “The Legend” over on Catchat has a bit of a thread starting about animals in tractor cabs.  La… I’m not sure that this is to be encouraged.  Can you imagine the consequences if your Great […]

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Isle of Lew..

As part of my Sunday constitutional, I am sitting having a cup of coffee and catching up with bits of news and broadcasting that I missed in the week. Here’s a pearler.  According to this report, some lucky bird spotters on the Isle of Lewis saw a lamb headbutt an eagle.  How cool is that?  You can […]

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Not the Last Chance to See

Douglas Adams was one of my favourite writers.  His books contain the wit of Wodehouse and at least as much foresight as Verne, Orwell or Huxley.  I can remember, some time in the 80′s, when he suggested that one day computer screens would be as thin as paper.  It seemed like the most fantastical thing I had ever heard […]

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All Noo Noos Revoo

This week’s FWi Noos Revoo is now up on the FWi site.  (I just found out today that there is actually a whole Farmers Weekly channel on youtube, you can find it here.)  I was going to put this week’s video up here but I can’t get the blinkin’ code yet I’m growing to love […]

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Picking Up a Penguin

Here’s a great story for the weekend.  (We only get the ones that are too weird for “the Legend” over at Catchat). A few months ago a couple of broody, gay, Chinese penguins were getting a bit of grief for legging it with the other penguins’ eggs.  It was reported by the Telegraph (with eyebrows […]

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Rough Trade

I feel like a builder today.  We have nearly finished the refit of the packhouse and are just doing a few bits of wiring and building an office in one end.  It’s like a proper building site atmosphere.  We’ve got ladders, power tools, 80′s rock on the radio – it’s well macho.  I’m “helping” (getting in the […]

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The Camera Always Lies

This is a non post to move the last entry down he page.  Isabel, my FW boss, was not well pleased with the still on that video below.  Watch your head, cameraman Jonathan, you’re in for a handbagging.      

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I have just watched the video that I recorded yesterday.  I felt so embarrassed that some of my vital organs stopped working.  My head is rocking like a Thunderbirds puppet and you could drive a van through that gap in my front teeth.  Nice blinking too, I will never again be able to give Caroline […]

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A New Agenda

The conference is winding up and I’m about to cut and run. I’ve really enjoyed the two days here.  It’s a funny old industry that we work in, there are some seriously eccentric characters and I’ve heard a few pearlers that I can share with you another day.  There are plenty of challenges ahead but the industry seems […]

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I love a new word.  Get your tongue out and have a go at this little beauty.  WEBINAR. It’s a seminar on the net.  The NFU have gone mental interactive-wise.  Members and students could log on, watch and submit questions.  Kudos to you, NFU, for embracing technology.  Respect. Isn’t the net, like, totally cuel?  Would […]

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