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Jolly Bad Form

Our bank manager has cancelled an appointment this morning (he’s busy jumping out of a tower block or something) so I’ve got a spare hour and a half this morning.  Woo hoo, it’s Friday (punches air and eats a Crunchie)

Still loads to do.  I’ve had a v. productive hour at my desk already.  Daffodil sales ledger is up to date, proposed pesticide undertakings posted to customers, sundry admin requests dealt with and in envelopes and now, Da Da Dahhh, I’ve finally got to my Single Farm Payment Form.

It’s a job that usually fills me with rage but I’ve made a cup of coffee and I’m going to get it in the bag early this year.  I might make a Do Not Disturb sign for the door first.  Probably I could laminate it.

“Come on.  Crack on then.” I hear you say. “Put your laminator away.  Why are you writing this unnecessary entry when the forms need filling in?”

“Well, I’m limbering up, aren’t I?  I’m getting in the zone.”

“But writing this isn’t going to put you “in the zone” you prat.  Writing a blog entry is a creative process.  You don’t need any creativity to fill in an SFP form.”

“Well.  You say that…”


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