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One in Your Eye

I’m sure that it’s not easy being Peter Mandelson.  I’m no longer sure what I would do differently if I were doing his job.  I almost have a bit of sympathy for him.

So why, then, did I find it so satisfying when that lady threw some goo in his face this week?  We live in a democracy where she has a choice of civilised ways to put her point to a parliamentary representive; it shouldn’t have been necessary for her to do that.  

I ought to be unimpressed by her childish protest, instead I BLOOMIN’ LOVED IT.  I think that she should be made a Dame.

She has done a lot to raise the profile of her campaign.  Her actions achieved more than a letter to her MP.  We should be questioning the impact of more air travel (Come on, with the value of sterling who the hell can afford to abroad anymore?) 

I do not doubt that most MPs work long hours and believe that they are acting in the nation’s best interests.  Sometimes, though, they just need a bit of green goo throwing in their faces to get them back on track.

“This is all very well,” I hear you thinking, “but what would Peter Mandelson look like if he was was wearing a track suit and carrying some dog poop in a carrier bag?”

He’d look like this

dog poop.jpg

Sorry there is no wig on the dog.


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One Response to One in Your Eye

  1. Mopsa April 8, 2013 at 3:43 am #

    I’m with you on this one – and only the Brits would use such a softly softly way of demonstrating. There are LOADS of people I’d like to throw green custard at – nearly all of them in parliament.

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