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Wind er Dressing

I haven’t given you a farm round up for a while.  The wind is blowin’ a hooley today so it feels about 5 degrees colder than it actually is out there.  We are tentatively starting a few jobs around the farm like fertiliser top dressing on flowers (precision-placed granules so the wind doesn’t affect the job) and a bit of cultivation around the outsides of the fields and to level the plough furrows. 

The top of the soil looks in great condition – the successive frosts have done wonders for us which will hopefully save us a bit of money on fuel when we start planting crops.  I am not sure what the conditions are like beneath the surface; there was a lot of water standing around a couple of weeks ago after the snow melted.

The potato equipment is all ready to go but I suspect it will be nearly a fortnight before we inclined to start planting.

The daffodil harvest has been continuing quite smoothly.  There is a bit of pressure on the trade at the moment because the supply of flowers has increased in line with the warmer weather.  This is all likely to improve later in the week as the backlog gets sold and the demand builds up for Mothering Sunday.



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