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Blatch Blasts Off

Oh crikey.  I’ve got another bloomin’ enemy.  They are called Blatch.  I hope that Blatch never meets Poodle Pam, they might start a hate club or something.

Blatch writes a blog here called afewviews; it’s a “light-hearted” look at GM crops, Intensive Industrial Farming and Pesticides.   It has the following catchy strapline

It is our human right to prevent our water, food, air and soil from being polluted-particularly when government legislation promotes pollution of our natural resources”

It’s worth a look but don’t go expecting dogs in lovely wigs.  You only get them here.  And you only get them on Wednesdays.

Blatch (I can’t be gender specific because Blatch chooses to write anonymously) took exception to that stuff that I wrote here about notifying neighbours when you spray.  I bet that Old Blatch had got steam comin’ out of Blatch’s ears when Blatch wrote that, Blatch was bloomin’ furious with me.

Then Blatchy had another go at me here, ironically about support for African farmers.  Blatch formed a very strong opinion on the subject after hearing an interview on the radio. 

Blatch keeps saying how bad my writing is.  Well at least we agree on something then, Blatcho.

Please add Blatchy to your favourites.   


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One Response to Blatch Blasts Off

  1. Adam Tinworth April 8, 2013 at 3:21 am #

    I wonder if Blatch is aware that republishing the whole of your post is what bloggers call “scraping” and publishers call “breach of copyright”?

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