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Chelsea 2011

This blog post is LIVE! I am on the train to London.  Although we are desperately busy on the farm, I am (rather guiltily) heading to RHS Flower Show in Chelsea to do a couple of days on the Waitrose/NFU stand which we supply with flowers.  Waitrose have invested a lot of time, energy and money into promoting our products this year and so I am keen to support them (plus Chelsea is usually great fun)

I booked a seat on the 08:26 train and then almost everything conspired to make me me miss it.  The traffic was either static (I can’t remember if it’s staionary or stationery this morning so I put static) or it was moving at a geriatric pace.  All the time I kept thinking about an empty seat in 1st class heading to Knigs Cross without me (Knigs Cross, that’s what all the cool kids are calling it these days.  It’s a rocky ride today, I’m struggling to type here.  I think that this train has got one square wheel).

Anyway.  I’ll be tweeting here


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One Response to Chelsea 2011

  1. Mike Potter April 8, 2013 at 3:23 am #

    My late and much missed English teacher told me that stationers sell stationery. I’ve never forgotten that.

    Thanks for the info about Knigs Cross. I’ll see if it impresses in the pub tonight.

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