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Sense of Humus

I spent a day farming in London this week. I went to the FarmAfrica’s HQ first of all to plan a trip to Uganda that I am making with with my award-winning, kilt-wearing, sheep-farming friend, Charlie Russell in a couple of weeks. After that I went to the House of Commons to the All-party Agroecology Group’s meeting about the […]

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Dry Humour

  There is general hilarity in the media about the irony of receiving high rainfall while we have a hosepipe ban.  I’m not sure why it is so complicated for people to understand.  The water table is exceptionally low, reservoirs are at their lowest levels for years and there is a hot summer forecast.  This is like a bread shortage occuring […]

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Ad dition

I don’t look at the web page for this blog very often.  I write in a bizarre bit of software called Moveable Type (which was designed by someone who hates bloggers and wants to punish them) and so that’s how I usually see these entries. Anyhow. I had a look at the proper webpage today, […]

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An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, aWelshman, a Latvian, a Turk, a German, anIndian, a Moroccan, a Frenchman, a Dane, several Americans (including a Hawaiianand an Alaskan), an Argentinean, a Slovak, an Australian, an Egyptian, a New Zealander,a Japanese, a Spaniard, a Russian, a Uzbek,a Guatemalan, a Colombian, a Pakistani, aMalaysian, a Croatian, a Cypriot, […]

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Setting Sale

I have just written my latest column for FW about farm auctions. Afterwards (in fact, during) I spoke to Stockings and she corrected my pronunciation of the word “Auction.” She said that it should be pronounced “auction” and not “auction” Did you enjoy my joke there? Wasn’t it great? She was pronouncing it as ”Ork shun”, (as […]

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April Fuel

I just dropped in at the filling station to fill my car with fuel (£90, outrage, still considering an electric car to recharge off our PV panels). There were four people behind me in the queue at the checkout.  When I turned around to leave,  I realised that I knew all four of the people in the […]

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Hot, Cross, Buns

If we forget about daffodils, then not much has happened here since I last wrote an entry. Things have been slightly chaotic; we have got diggers and things on site putting in pipework and foundations for the new warehouse.  I was walking across the yard the other day and narrowly avoided walking straight into a […]

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