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Setting Sale

I have just written my latest column for FW about farm auctions.

Afterwards (in fact, during) I spoke to Stockings and she corrected my pronunciation of the word “Auction.”

She said that it should be pronounced “auction” and not “auction”

Did you enjoy my joke there? Wasn’t it great?

She was pronouncing it as ”Ork shun”, (as though she was some sort of crazy Scotch egg from the Outer Hebrides)

I was pronouncing it as “Ock shun” (which also sounds pretty Scottish, maybe I have confused things by throwing a Scottish accent into the mix).

This all made me a bit paronoid because I like to think that I talk posher than what she does.  Let’s face it, ordinarily, she would pronounce “bath” with a very flat “a” so that it rhymes with Maths.

I, meanwhile, would pronounce “Bath” to rhyme with “Darth”.  As in “Barth Vader” (and I understand that Dave Prowse particularly enjoyed a long soak in the tub after a hard day on the Death Star – being a ruthless cyborg can really take it out you)

The Norf and Sarf divide is all very well but it gets very confoosin’ around the Midlands.


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