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I haven’t been pestering you much lately.  I have been pretty well occupied with daffodil bulbs. 

Today it is raining and so I am spending the day close to the office for a couple of meetings and to tie up some loose strands.

This year we have an extra 70 acres of daffodils to deal with which are planted 40 miles away from our main farm on some land owned by Blankney Estates.  Our plan is to harvest most of them to sell and then re-plant the remainder on our own land.  The extra workload has been a proper test for us but the land there is mostly free-draining sandy loam so we are making reasonably good progress despite the wet weather.

I have never had to travel more than two miles to get to work so it is quite a novelty to be making a long commute every day.  Nearly all of our tractors will travel at 50kph but it still takes about an hour an ten minutes to do the journey and I am going up and down like a whore’s elbow. 

I was driving back at about 8.00pm last night and I had a touch of nostalgia as I passed through the various villages on the way, Billinghay, Heckington, the Kymes.  These were names that I remembered from my Young Farmers days, they were the clubs that we competed against at the YFC Rally.  Spalding YFC were a bit anarchic, we came last in the Rally in virtually every year that I was involved (despite my First Prize in the best Scotch Egg class in the early-nineties).

Back then, Billinghay seemed like the other end of the Earth.  I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of travelling that far from home, it would have been like heading off to Mordor.  The idea of farming land that far away would have seemed unbelievable to me then.  I was an unwordly little chap.

The nostalgia inspired me to make arancini for dinner (I even made the breadcrumbs myself).  It basically an Italian version of a Scotch egg. 

Arancini 008.jpg


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